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Below are types and terms and conditions to become Carbonsignal parts ambassador as – Carbonsignal Crew





1. Full sponsorship – discount between 75% – 100%  on CS items (retail price).
2. Partial sponsorship– between 40% – 75%  on CS items (retail price)
3. Support sponsorship – between 25% – 40%%  on CS items (retail price)
4. For partnered items, any discount on CS margins considered as full sponsorship category.





1. Full sponsorship – 36 months starting from (date) project car is complete and legally on road.
2. Partial sponsorship – 24 months starting from (date) project car is complete and legally on road.
3. Support sponsorship – 12 months starting from (date) project car is complete and legally on road.





•The receiver (sponsored Car/owner) undertake to exercise the Sponsorship Rights in accordance with these terms and conditions.

•Any negotiation (if agreed) on Terms and conditions it can only be done before parts are shipping or installed.

•These terms and conditions shall take effect on the date the Sponsored car gets the parts installed and sponsorship period will be counted from the date the car is on the road (project cars) shall continue unless terminated early in accordance with its terms.

Receiver will always display prominent identification (decals) of Carbonsignal’s name and logo on the car and where appropriate, (subject to approval by the CS).

Allowing Carbonsignal the use of the likeness of the Car, including all paint and graphics, for their promotion and advertising. Receiver shall be responsible for all necessary consents and permissions from any concerned authorities for these graphics/logos if any.

As a sponsor, Carbonsignal reserves the right to use all available images/videos of the car and/or the owner for its marketing and advertising/promotional/commercial purposes. These may include magazine, web and for advertising. Carbonsignal won’t pay for any of these materials.

Receiver / Car owner shall never arrange any photo or video shoot of the car without visible Carbonsignal logo/decals, in case of exceptions prior permission is needed. Carbonsignal reserves the right to ask the publisher to remove or adjust the pictures and feature.

Receiver agrees to provide Carbonsignal with monthly/quarterly updates, including photos or video, whether that is build progress, event coverages, race results, or show coverage.

Receiver agrees to publicly mention Carbonsignal in a positive manner after each positive result in a race/show or via your website/Facebook/ other social media page. Mention Carbonsignal in a positive way in all press articles written about the vehicle/builder/driver.

Carbonsignal prohibits the endorsement by any other company’s products or services, which are in direct competition, or otherwise inconsistent with the Carbonsignal products or services, all endorsements need prior approval in writing and Carbonsignal decision is final.

Similarly shall never engage in joint promotions with any third party in relation to the car without Carbonsignal prior written consent.

*Agrees to always gives Carbonsignal access to the vehicle for promotional purposes (whether that be photography, video, static display at events, or other) for the full period of sponsorship.

*Applies to local cars available in Middle East Market.





 Receiver undertake that any Sponsor Materials will:
1. Comply, without limitation, with all relevant laws and regulations in force that relate to the promotion of the Event;
2. Comply with any instructions or directions issued by or on behalf of us;
3. Not contravene any applicable law, infringe the rights of any third party or contain any inaccuracies of fact; and
4. Include any legal or good practice notices as required by us from time to time.

Carbonsignal reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time during the Term and will provide 7 days’ notice of the same as soon as is reasonably practicable.
This Agreement shall not create, nor shall it be construed as creating, any partnership or agency relationship between the parties.
Show Vehicle: The sponsored vehicle should have a calendar of confirmed show appearance dates accompanied by a scheduled editorial feature in at least one national automotive publication.
Receiver acknowledges and agree that he/she shall be solely responsible for all costs that you incur relating to your attendance at the Event (including, without limitation, any travel costs or any costs relating at the Event).





Termination of this Agreement by either party for any reason shall be without prejudice to any rights or obligations that may have accrued as at the date of such termination.
The Sponsor(Carbonsignal) have the right to terminate this Agreement on 7 days written a notice in the following cases:
1.The Sponsored Person fails to conduct himself/herself in accordance with any single mandatory and two or more general terms and conditions.
2.Engages in any activity, which reflects adversely on the image, reputation or goodwill of the Sponsor.
3.Disparages the products or services of the Sponsor provided.

Upon termination of this Agreement by the Sponsor, all outstanding (discounts/free goods) sums owing to the Sponsor at the date of termination shall become due and payable without deduction or set-off. The receiver gives all rights to Carbonsignal to claim all discounts/free goods legally in case of dispute either directly or via authorized partners outside UAE.
 Where termination occurs before you have received all the Sponsorship Rights, Carbonsignal shall charge the proportion of the Sponsorship Fee (calculated in good faith) as is reasonable to reflect the value of the Sponsorship Rights received by you prior to the date of termination.
Receiver or any party associated cannot use any pictures of the Carbonsignal sponsorship parts without prior written permission.
If car is sold during sponsorship period, all parts needed to be returned or paid in full amount.





Each Sponsorship Proposal is considered separately and approved or rejected based on its own merits.
Long-term sponsorships are reviewed on yearly basis and renewed or terminated based on the performance/exposure of the sponsored vehicle.
Here in terms and conditions Sponsor is Carbonsignal (Carbonsignal LLC) and receiver is referred as Person or company receiving sponsored parts


We are looking for demo cars please for all Sponsorship enquires please email us on


Shipping is not included and will be quoted and and invoiced after an order is placed.